TREE HUB Project Award for IEMS B-School

tree huger

IEMS B-School Received an Award and Cash Price of Rs10,000/- from Shri. D.K. Chauhan (Mayor H.D.M.C) and Shri.Jaydev Agadi(Owner Agadi Farms),Director,Dr. Shrinivas R. Patil , Prof .R.N.Naik & Prof.Virupakshi .R.Hiremath where present in the Occasion . it was organized by Virtual Incubation Portland Company of US involved in innovation and business solution which has come up with a TREE HUGGING PROJECT (THP). The main aim of this program is to Plant Tree, save tree, Save Environment.

We specially congratulate students, Prof .R.N.Naik & Prof.Virupakshi .R.Hiremath for getting us the Award


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