How to choose a right MBA college for your career?

Students’ choice for an MBA college is driven by a number of factors. We have listed down a few list of factors that drive the choice of MBA College:

  1. Recognition of the College
  2. Ranking as per popular business magazines.
  3. CAT / other test cut off.
  4. Highly Qualified Faculty Team
  5. Placement track record.
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Industry Linkages
  8. Soft Skill Training
  9. Location / convenience.
  10. Good academics.
  11. Peer behavior

IEMS B-School

As good selection criteria, the above may be very useful to students. There are many numbers of B-schools have emerged in recent years. Based on our personal experience, I wish to share an interesting finding with the student community through this article. Students may be aware that the mandatory faculty student ratio prescribed by the competent authority is 1:15. That is, a college is required to have at least one full-time faculty member for every fifteen students. Therefore, a college having 120 seats in its MBA program must have 16 full-time faculty members – 120 seats x 2 years, i.e. 240 students at any given point in time. In our country, most of the colleges do not maintain this bare minimum faculty requirement. Sometimes, they would have an MBA and a BBA but faculty only suffices for MBA program. Students are strongly advised to look into the availability of full-time faculty members in a college. This single metric will help them decide the quality of the college. They should look for a college that has excess faculty members than the statutory requirement. Remember that the visiting faculty should be ignored for this purpose. Students are supposed to do a lot of “out of the class” activities, such as group assignments, projects, presentation preparation, and student’s competitions and they would need the guidance of full-time faculty. So the visiting faculty may not serve the purpose. I would go to the extent that a college employs a sizable number of ‘extra’ faculty members must be given very high extra marks in favor of students’ choice. A large faculty pool in an MBA college ensures the following:

  1. Students have the liberty to choose a faculty to discuss and deliberate on issues with somebody they are most comfortable with.
  2. Students make the most of their ‘free’ time as they can find a faculty to solve their doubts.
  3. More faculty members would mean more networking of the college.
  4. More faculties indicate the soundness of a college and its commitment towards student’s community.

A part from a good faculty team colleges should also have more industry linkages So that they can provide you with practical assignments to be executed at the industry which will provide practical insights.The colleges should also have a Strong Career Development Cell to shape students in facing Interviews and to get for Corporate in future.

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