What is the difference between Part- Time MBA and Full-Time MBA?



Characteristic Distance MBA Full-Time MBA
1 Delivery of Program Online Class. Sending study material through the post. Classroom study with a tight and fixed schedule
2 Curriculum There is a crisp and concise curriculum.

Theory and practicals are both comprehensive in a 2-year program.

3 Principles of Teaching Flexibility in terms of exam schedule, selection of venue and online submission of assignments. Very tight and strict schedule for assignment submission, exam dates, and class participation.
4 Duration  MBA program could range from anywhere between 1-3 years 2 year
5 Fees variation variation depending on University Fees fixed by Government.
6 Intake Process No fixed time period to seek admission. Since the number of seats is fixed, there is a lot of competition to get a seat
7 Admission Process The admission process is much simpler and user-friendly since a lot of applicants come in for admission owing to them being working professionals. A complex and elaborate admission process is established to secure admission. Entrance Exam, Group Discussion, and Personal Interview are some of the rounds one has to go through to get selected
8 Exposure There is no industrial or field visit.So the learning is restricted in the terms of exposure. Industrial visits, factory visits, field visits are an important part of a program and is part of the curriculum.
9 Placement There is no placement process involved and job search and job change need to be done on your own. A placement process is conducted at the end of each final academic year and students have the opportunity to get hired in the best of companies tied-up with the program.
10 Networking Since it is online, there is no interaction between the students and faculty or even between the students themselves. There is a continuous interaction between the students and faculty hence networking takes place on a large scale with students, guest faculty, and other members which are an advantage.
11 Accreditation Approved by only DEB Approved by AICTE, UGC, MHRD, State Universities, HRD & Respective State Government

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